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Getting Started with an Install Program

COM Registration and AdminStudio’s Editor

Conformance Evaluation

Foundation of Software Deployment

The Use and Abuse of Merge Modules


The Orange Brain's Guide to AdminStudio (2nd Ed.)
     (No longer available. Third edition in progress.)

Now in it's second edition, The Orange Brain's Guide to AdminStudio is the definitive book on repackaging and preparing software install programs for corporate deployment. This book includes step-by-step instructions on converting legacy install packages into Windows Installer (.msi) packages. Also included are discussions on conflict resolution, customizing the PackageExpert and using the Application Catalog. This 572-page guide is perfect for getting started or just perfecting your skills with AdminStudio.

Our training books are the most effective way to become an expert in application installation and enterprise application packaging. We strive to make the classroom experience motivating, interesting, and highly worthwhile. Your team members can learn in an environment that is relaxing, supportive, and educational. We'll educate you on the tools, techniques and the technologies.

For consulting or training with either InstallShield or AdminStudio, we encourage you to contact Flexera Software (formerly Acresso Software).

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